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Il Gusto Di Amalfi Limoncello

Il Gusto Di Amalfi Limoncello


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Most fine Italian spirits are great because of the way they balance different components, but limoncello is different. Limoncello is a pure infusion of lemon peel in alcohol, and the quality of the limoncello depends on the quality of the lemons.

‘Il Gusto di Amalfi’ is a tiny company that takes organically-grown lemons from the hillsides of the Amalfi Coast (near Tramonti), peels them by hand with potato-peelers in small batches, and macerates them in pure grain alcohol in stainless steel vessels that look like very small wine tanks. (Commercial limoncello is sometimes bitter, a sign that the pith of the fruit has been accidentally included with the zest; hand-peeling avoids this.) The varieties of lemon, both local, are Sfusato Amalfitano and Zagara Bianca, and the groves near Positano are owned and farmed by Mario Anastasio’s friends and family. This limoncello is a pure expression of a single excellent raw material, and that’s it. Drink cold but not iced as a digestivo. I bet this would also make an excellent Tom Collins with some good Gin.

This Limoncello is unfiltered, and some oil or sediment may separate out, please shake before serving. There are no preservatives, coloring agents, or stabilizers in this Limoncello