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Freeland Khourys Store Pick

Freeland Khourys Store Pick


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We are excited to announce that our Khoury’s Staff pick bourbon barrel from @Freelandspirits is now available!

Freeland Spirits is an all-female owned and operated distrillery located in Portland Oregon. The Freeland Spirits Bourbon uses a mash bill of 70% corn, 20% rye, 10% malted barley. After spending time in new American Oak Barrels, the Bourbon is then rested in Oregon’s Elk Cove Pinot Noir Barrels.

Our store pick and this is the first Freeland Spirits single barrel in Nevada. In fact is in one of only twelve single barrels that was released outside of the distillery this year!

The flavor is round and smooth, with soft caramel and baked berries layered with vanilla bean, cocoa and spice. 114 Proof. 202 BOTTLES PRODUCED