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Bierstadt Slow Pour Pils 4pk

Bierstadt Slow Pour Pils 4pk


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The Glass: Slow Pour Pils is crushable out of any vessel, but our preference is a tall, cylindrical glass. Give it a rinse before you pour to ensure it's beer-clean, or free of any soap residue.

The Technique: Allow 5-7 minutes for the optimal pour. Start with about 2/3 bier and 1/3 foam on your first pour. Wait a minute or two until you notice the original foam has shrank down from the rim of the glass and has a slightly dimpled appearance. Slowly pour more bier into the glass and watch the foam rise. Repeat until you've got a crown of foam on top of the glass by about an inch.

The Result: Patience + Science = Deliciousness! Foam settling condenses aromas, dissipates carbonation to soften mouthfeel and slightly raises the temperature to open up delicate flavors. Enjoy!