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Urban Riesling Riesling

Urban Riesling Riesling


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Tasting Note:
The Urban Riesling has everything you can expect from a fine Riesling from Germany’s renowned Mosel Valley. It has a complex, smoky and floral nose, a juicy, fruity elegant mouthfeel with minerality that finishes off-dry and crisp with the impulse to take the next sip.

The vines that produce the fruit are from a neighboring town to the St.-Urbans-Hof estate town of Leiwen called Mehring. Here farmers carefully grow Riesling on blue-slate soil vineyards of moderate steepness and low yields and the wine is vinified in a modern winery to the specification of Nik Weis to capture the true “Mosel Style” of Riesling where juicy fruit, vibrant acidity, and savory minerality are combined in complete harmony and balance.