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Ovum Big Salt White Wine

Ovum Big Salt White Wine


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Big Salt is a white wine that embodies a day at the beach. It's bright, fresh, dry and a bit salty (although no salt is added of course!) - once it's done you're left wanting more. We achieve this experience by letting mother nature create complexity - that is to say we allow all of the grapes to ferment together, with native yeast..rather than making a blend in the laboratory. Finding the right vineyards throughout Oregon that share the same cool climate is what it's all about.

Native fermentation (co-fermented) in stainless steel.
Harvest - September 18th - October 17th.
12.5% ABV. - 3.3pH
45% Riesling - 40% Gewurz - 14% Early Muscat - 1% others...
Unfined and Filtered (we have to filter Big Salt because it doesn't naturally go through ML)