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Omnom Cookies + Cream

Omnom Cookies + Cream


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You are sitting in the kitchen at grandmas, you’ve been playing outside all morning with the neighborhood kids. Grandma brings you a plate with dark chocolate cookies and a glass of cold milk. You take the cookie, dip it into the milk and enjoy the rich and creamy taste explosion. There are few things better. From a childhood memory an idea was born. So, off we went to our experimental kitchen to recreate this memory into a chocolate bar.

Most of us know that feeling when you eat a dark chocolate cookie with cream filling, and it leaves you longing for more cream? Well, we are all about that cream, so we started experimenting with rich, creamy white chocolate made with full-fat Icelandic milk.

This recipe has been years in the making. Even though it’s a simple one, we wanted to extract the Icelandic milk’s essence for that creamy, delicious flavor we love so much. On top of the bar sit two chocolate cookies made from 70% dark chocolate from Tanzania, one of our favorite bakeries in Reykjavik, Brauð & co, bakes them.

In a sense, it’s an inside-out chocolate bar where you get all the cream you want and top it off with two powerhouse cookies that you didn’t know you needed until now.

We are proud to introduce you to our latest creation the “Cookies + Cream” bar.