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Little House Gimmie Gorbage

Little House Gimmie Gorbage


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Stout - Milk / Sweet

6.2% ABV


Racoons and Milk Stouts don't get enough love, and we think that's a darn shame! That friendly, chonky critter you catch chicken pickin' his heart out back behind the Cracker Barrel dumpster at 2am? - Just give him the gorbage! Don't haul it away. You don't need it, but he does. And that perfectly simple, flavorful milk stout you brushed aside while looking for those bold and noisy pastry stouts in the cooler? - Cut that out! Think about what you're doing there, bucko. Milk Stouts are every bit as "hot damn" delicious and it's time we celebrate em'. You give those trash pandas your gorbage and we'll keep on giving the world old-fashioned, timeless beer styles like this one. Deal?