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High Af Coffee

High Af Coffee


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- AJ’s Cold Brew- a blend of Sumatra, Brazil, and Ethiopian Sidamo, dark roasted to bring out the rich flavors of chocolate, nuts, and dark berries. The acidity is mellowed to a background note due to the cold brew process.

Each cold brew pouch yields 1/2 gallon.

- AJ Dark Roast Espresso
A blend of Sumatran, Ethiopian, and Brazilian coffees with deep notes of chocolate and balanced acidity.

- Costa Rican Tarrazu- A sweet coffee with brown sugar notes, well balanced with a complex aroma and clean finish.

Light Roast

- Sumatran
A description of the Sumatran is, a varietal with deep earthy flavors with a rich finish. Sumatra is known for some of the best coffees in the world. Our certified organic Sumatra is a true one off. Beautiful beans, with the rich flavor and dark roast, that it deserves.