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Guerra Seca Sotol

Guerra Seca Sotol


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Sotol, as a fermented beverage has been produced by Raramuris (Chihuahua’s Natives) since 205 AD. With the Spanish arrival to the new continent, this beer-like drink was distilled to obtain the spirit of the desert.

In 1905 the state of Chihuahua produced around 475,000 liters of Sotol each year. Sotol distillate was used as a tonic, anesthetic, and intoxicant.

A complete expression of ancestral process. Carefully selection of mature sotol plants, harvesting with an ax, underground cooking, distilled in a copper alembic with mood bottom. All process is fully handmade, from harvesting to labeling.

Citrus, floral and mineral, with notes of almond, black pepper, tobacco and cinnamon.

First dusty, spacy and smoky, followed by a cinnamon, woody and tobacco. Ends with fresh, floral and mint notes