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Chemins De Bassac 750ml

Chemins De Bassac 750ml


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Producer's Notes

The wines are vinified to express their original fruitiness. To do this, we do not use any chemical product (yeast, enzyme, tannins, etc.).

The material and the fruit are extracted by light punching down and pumping over.

Naturally balanced and fruity, the vinification gently reveals the aromas of the fruit thanks to a minimum of handling.

These wines are matured on Malo lees without racking for 8 to 10 months. Bottled unfined, filtered and with no added sulphites. Total sulphites - 25g/l.

The wines are only lightly filtered. A slight natural deposit may appear: it in no way affects the quality of the wines


Pompette: slight state of drunkenness, on the respectable border of this "moderation" so promoted ... These cuvées¨Pompette "are to wine what this slight state of drunkenness is to well-being: a little lightness and ease!

Blanc: Grenache - Clairette and Bourboulenc (1/3 of each)