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Bottle Logic Fundamental 500ml

Bottle Logic Fundamental 500ml


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Stout - Imperial / Double

13% ABV

30 IBU

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Vanilla Stout • 13% ABV • This "liquid brownie batter" was aged in a blend of Weller, Four Roses, and Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels and finishes out at a mighty 13% ABV. Each barrel saw multiple additions of Madagascar vanilla beans, ultimately aging the finished batch of beer with hundreds of pounds of vanilla over the course of a year.

Familiar flavors of cookie dough and baking chocolate envelope the palate with hints at brûléed sugar, all balanced with beautiful barrel tones and present-but-pleasant alcohol heat. We were wildly fortunate to have sourced a freshly dumped batch of Weller casks just as FO ’22 had finished fermenting last summer, and we’re thrilled to share their extraordinary expression here in the 2022 vintage of our tent-pole brand