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Belem Madeira Meio Seco

Belem Madeira Meio Seco


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Roasted nuts and toasted brioche; tangerine and caramelized orange; coffee grounds and sweet tobacco: Belém’s Madeira – Meio Seco exhibits impressive vinous concentration, seamless integration and bright transparency. At just 17% abv (compared to a more typical 19-20%), it is the best Madeira you can cook with, and the only one you should drink while you do.

Perhaps the most versatile wine available to the wine and cooking enthusiast, Belém’s Madeira – Meio Seco is equally at home in the glass or in the pan. Enjoy with nuts and hard cheeses; savory soups and seafood chowders; and with salmon, tuna and all manner of game. Needless to say, the synergy between wine and dish is enhanced when you cook with it, too.