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Amaro Aplomado Herbal Liquer

Amaro Aplomado Herbal Liquer


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"Beginning with a base distillate of grain and California grapes, we build upon this base with 25 roots, herbs and fruits that are all locally sourced here in California. The flavor's main component is California artichoke.

It's flavor profile is a unique balance of bitter and sweet elements, with a solid herbal backbone. It is less sweet than most in its category, with a lovely orange aroma, full body, and pleasant lingering mouthfeel."

- Amaro Apolomado is a Grain and California Grape (brandy) based herbal liqueur at 32%ABV.
- The major component of this Amaro is fresh California Artichoke used at the
peak of flavor.
- We build upon the base 25 roots, herbs,
fruits, and flowers all sourced locally.
- The maceration infusion takes over a
month, and the final Amaro is carefully
blended with each individual component
and allowed to rest before bottling.

- An herbal liqueur that has a unique balance of the bitter and sweet elements, with a solid herbal backbone.
- This is a unique Amaro, less sweet than most Amari and more herbal forward.
- Aplomado has a lovely herbal and orange aroma, wonderful body, and mouth feel which lingers on pleasantly.

- Due to the low sugar content it can be enjoyed neat or to produce a drier cocktail.
- In cocktails it imparts an enchanting herbal flavor and body
without overpowering the base spirit used.
- It lends itself well in 50:50 Cocktails, giving them a more robust herbal notes.
- Try it with a high Rye Bourbon, Gin, Brandy, or Rum. You will not be disappointed.