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Able Baker Excited State 4pk

Able Baker Excited State 4pk


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5% ABV 30 IBU

"In atomic terminology, when an atom or nucleus possesses more than its normal energy it enters into an "excited state". That's both the name of our German style Pilsner as well as the condition you'll achieve after tasting it. We start with an elegantly traditional base and add just a touch of Vienna Malt (for a bit more toasted malt character) then hop this crisp, easy drinking lager with Hallertau Mittelfruh and Saphir for a distinctive yet smooth flavor and bitterness. When excited state atoms decay the excess energy is released in the form of gamma rays and fluorescence. While we promise that you won't "hulk out" after drinking this brew, you may choose to sip and bask in the "glow" of the excess energy this beer possesses."